Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean that recruitment stops. Contrary to what most believe, the holidays can be a promising time to secure a job. Companies want to start the new year with the right professionals. The best part of job hunting on the holidays is that there is less competition since most searchers believe that recruitments are on a halt. 

Networking Opportunities

The holidays are surprisingly ideal for possible networking opportunities. Many people would be delighted to recommend you. Bring business cards when attending parties. Give it to people you meet at holiday parties or networking events. Come up with elevator pitch so you can easily build up yourself.  When attending for social events, mention that you are currently searching for jobs. You will never have any idea how many people are looking for your skills. 

Organize Your Time

Use your time wisely. If you want to transfer from your current company, use your down time to search for job.  Schedule networking engagements. Build up your profile, update your resume and CV. Reconnect with your acquaintances. 

Follow up Contacts

Write follow up letters to a contact you’ve made at parties and networking events. Timing is essential in this one. Following up reaffirms your relationship with the person. Express the conversation you had during the event. This will remind the person of your encounter. Offer assistance before asking for meetup. Suggest a time and place for meetup to follow up your conversation.  

Be Prepared

Be flexible for possible interviews at unusual time. Recruiters during the holidays have hectic schedules. You may be called during the holidays. 

Consider Temporary Positions

Many companies are having year end sales and promotions that need extra hands. Additionally, some workers might take their time off to pend the holidays. Use this opportunity to fill in the gap. The most obvious industry for seasonal job opportunities is in the retail. Seeking for temporary positions is a start for you to introduce yourself to the company. Seasonal jobs can be permanent. Some companies keep tabs on their temporary hires for possible jobs. Make sure to create positive impression. Show that you are excited about the opportunity.

Leverage Online Network

Build your LinkedIn your profile. Touch base with your colleagues through Facebook. The holidays are the perfect time to keep in touch and expand your connection. You can also send holiday cards to your current network. 

Job search is challenging during the holidays. It is important that you loosen up and take some time off to enjoy the season. You can also use the time to improve your skills and your resume. This way, you are more prepared and confident to hunt for jobs in the new year!